About Us

Together! Ethiopian Residents Charity Organization was established in 2012 and got its certificate of licensing and registration from the Federal Ethiopian Charities and Societies Agency on March 6, 2013. Since then Together! is striving to contribute to improved, inclusive educational, vocational and professional environments for visually impaired people and their families.

What we do

Striving for positive changes in the lives of visually impaired individuals, we are working within all segments of the visually impaired and sighted society to promote education, rehabilitation and profession for all. By using a holistic approach to bring about the desired changes, Together! has formed networks with different blind focused, government and non-government organizations. 

Vision and Mission

Vision: To see persons with visual impairment and different abilities equal members of an inclusive Ethiopian society that appreciates their full potentials. 

Mission: To provide holistic and inclusive support for people with visual impairment and different abilities that focus on rehabilitation, education and job inclusion, so that they become empowered to assume their due place in the society.